Let's make local easy.

Singbean Market

We're a Memphis area farmer's market offering pickup and delivery.

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Local and Convenient

Farm fresh to your front door.

Our produce is harvested to-order and delivered to your door. Now how cool is that?

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Top quality products from top notch farmers.

We're beyond organic.

Real food. Worry free.

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What are you waiting for?

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A farmers market at your fingertips

We bring the farm to your front door.

Singbean makes local easy and worry free.  All of our farmers are at the top of their game. Your food is grown in a living soil, harvested to-order and delivered directly to your home.

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We love to show and tell.

Pasture raised eggs from happy hens who forage the pasture for food.

Free Range Eggs

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Our produce is raised in a living soil so it's nutrient dense.

Fresh and Local

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We make local easy!

Singbean Market

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